About Christiane

To global businesses on Business Transformation, IT Restructuring and Cyber Security Management

A critical thinker and an excellent manager and leader with complex problems solving skills to improve business performance though Culture People, Process, Technology.

As recognition for her advisory work to the UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills, UK Trade and Industry and UK Export Finance, in 2017 Christiane Wuillamie was honoured by the Queen with an OBE for services to Business in the UK and internationally.

With over 25 years as a CEO and business advisor, Christiane brings a wealth of practical experience to help support your business and technology requirements.

Christiane provides an independent and experienced perspective how Technology should be a valuable partner to the Business. With the fast pace of innovation, Businesses need to re-invent themselves to survive in this fast changing competitive World. Christiane uses agile methodologies to prepare the organisation for sustained success in the Digital Economy. Having grown her own company 100% year on year, Christiane understands how to manage challenges on the culture as well as processes in a fast pace environment.

As IT functions grow and expand they often become a patchwork of applications, each added to provide additional functionality. With the advance of Technology and the demand of Businesses to become more agile, IT needs to be rationalised and become more efficient. Christiane’s extensive experience in IT and business transformation allows her to help management streamline cumbersome and costly IT functions and processes. She can also advise on how to implement Agile working within the Business and IT.

Cyber attacks are on the rise and the number one defence against excessive company damage is effective management processes. While technology can help reduce the chances of cyber penetration, effective management processes, cyber awareness and Incident Management training are the best ways to contain and curtail cyber threats and minimize damage to the company. Christiane brings a wealth of experience and understanding on how your company can become more cyber resilient from the Boardroom to the whole organisation.

Christiane is an experienced Non-Executive Director, serving on both Audit and Remuneration committees. In addition, her practical business experience is useful in advising management on strategy, technology management and corporate culture.


All of Christiane’s client engagements are strictly confidential, however the following are just a few of the organisations she has supported through advisory and consulting assignments.

Christiane Wuillamie O.B.E.

If you are serious about restructuring and business transformation, Christiane is available for advisory support or hands-on assignments.

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